Reg # 17825378

• Turning Point is a leading herd bull prospect and one of Kirk's favorites.The sons of AR Advantage 654 are perfect for use on New Look and New Edition bloodlines.

• The Basic Instinct daughters turned lots of heads this year at Duff Cattle Co. He is now deceased. Turning Point is out of Basic Instinct's only full sister. Basic Instinct was out of Dixie Erica 814G, another matriarch in the Duff program and one whose influence still lives on greatly today. She was the dam of New Edition, New Look and Basic Instinct.

• Turning Point is a long necked, square hipped sire that carries the same exceptional look and style seen in the Dixie Erica 814G line of cattle.

• Potential to be used on heifers.

EPDs: As of 11/18/2020

CED 8 0.2
BW -0.4 0.37
WW 33 0.3
YW 56 0.26
RADG 0.14 0.15
DMI 0.11 0.15
YH -0.6 0.2
SC 0.21 0.13
HP 7.7 0.06
CEM 4.0 0.14
MILK 14 0.15
MW -22.0 0.18
MH -1.0 0.17
$EN 19.0
CW 14 0.13
MARB 0.19 0.12
FAT 0.042 0.11
DOC 0.0 0.1
CLAW 0.57 0.05
ANGLE 0.46 0.05
PAP 2.73 0.06
$M 37
$W 28
$F 58
$G 24
$B 82
$C 143
OCC Missing Link 830M
OCC Missing Link 830M
OCC Dixie Erica 946K
Dam: Duff ML814G Dixie Erica 6500
O C C Anchor 771A
OCC Dixie Erica 814G
O C C Dixie Erica 764C

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