Reg # 17778903
Carrier Status[ RDF ]

• Pure Beef is a strong testament to the power of the Juanada 927K cow family and what this line of cattle is capable of producing. Pure Beef is a maternal sib to Duff Carry On, Duff Stimulus and Duff Wrangler. Duff Wrangler is used in the progressive ZWT program in Tennessee. Duff Carry On, a son of F0203, will lead the way in the coming generations at Duff Cattle Company; his semen is sold only once a year, in the annual Power Plus Female Sale, and commanded up to $150 per unit this past February.

• 927K has been one of the most dominant cows and cow families in the Duff program. She is the mother of both Lot 1 in the 2014 Female Sale and Pure Beef. Her pedigree lends tremendous longevity and consistent quality. The full and maternal sisters to Pure Beef are some of the most impressive in this program. They headlined the last Power Plus Female Sale. This is further indication of the maternal and foundation producing ability of this great young sire.

• Pure Beef is a real powerhouse. He is expressive in his muscle pattern and correct in his design. He is balanced and has tremendous pattern and style. He is a real beef bull that is complete and practical. This pedigree and this phenotype will pay big dividends. Use Pure Beef to create big bodied, thick made Angus-sired females backed by the genetics of one of the best cow families in this program.

EPDs: As of 11/18/2020

CED 6 0.28
BW 1.1 0.47
WW 29 0.4
YW 56 0.34
RADG 0.19 0.25
DMI -0.09 0.25
YH -0.6 0.37
SC 0.24 0.31
HP 3.6 0.13
CEM -5.0 0.25
MILK 22 0.28
MW -8.0 0.29
MH -1.0 0.31
$EN 13.0
CW 16 0.32
MARB 0 0.29
FAT -0.011 0.25
DOC -3.0 0.26
CLAW 0.48 0.15
ANGLE 0.36 0.15
PAP 2.23 0.16
$M 25
$W 28
$F 68
$G 25
$B 94
$C 147
OCC Genesis 872G
Duff New Attraction 6110 [CAF-M1F]
OCC Dixie Erica 814G
Sire: Duff E Blast 8138
O C C Emblazon 854E
Duff EMB814G Dixie Erica 624
OCC Dixie Erica 814G
D H D Traveler 6807
O C C Emblazon 854E
Dixie Erica of C H 1019
Dam: OCC Juanda 927K {[D2F]}
High Valley 5B5 of 3D22
OCC Juanada 624G
OCC Juanada 806E

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