Semen and certificates are available for many of the Angus. Please call or email if you are interested in purchasing them.

Livestock Listing

Duff Real Deal 19115

Duff Real Deal 19115

Duff Red Meat 20114

Duff Red Meat 20114

Blair's External Law 266F

Blair's External Law

Duff JC 4Real 16250

Duff-JC 4Real 16250

Carried Away #19663302

Duff Carried Away 1882

Goose 1891 AM2 preview

Duff Goose 420

Honcho #18135257

Duff Honcho 426


Duff Napoleon 232

Pure Beef 217

Duff Pure Beef 217

Carry On #17542203

Duff Carry On 252

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